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Bravo Group – Instrumental in stopping an Appliance theft ring in Atlanta!

Posted by joe.watkins on September 9, 2013

Over the past 8 weeks, many property managers in Atlanta have experienced their vacant properties getting hit by thieves. These thieves were getting property addresses from Craiglist and other websites, sketching out routes within specific areas, breaking into houses and stealing refrigerators and stoves from homes. Many management companies freely give out lockbox codes to would be tenants. Those houses were targets without forced entry. Bravo Group houses were either broken in to by busting doors or by busting into lockboxes. They were using a stolen trailer to haul off the appliances. The Bravo Group team has been working diligently with local authorities to target and catch these criminals.

Last week, we set up a sting operation with undercover officers out of Henry County. Although we did not catch the thieves red handed the night of the sting, through our timely information on break ins and good police work by the Clayton and Henry County Police, the criminals are in custody. Addresses in their GPS and other evidence link them to the break ins and stolen appliances. We are always hard at work to protect our owners. Our team has spent countless hours in researching, communicating, and taking action on these crimes to catch these criminals. Sometimes the good guys do win.

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