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Bravo Group Real Estate – A Boutique high-touch, high-service Realty Brokerage

Posted by joe.watkins on April 8, 2016

I have had many questions about what makes Bravo Group different. This is to paint a vision for who Bravo Group is, how we do business, and what you can expect from us as a real estate brokerage. I mentioned we are “Boutique.” What does that mean? I use the term “Boutique” brokerage, because we specialize in high-end services. Bravo Group Real Estate is not interested in just being just another Realty company in Atlanta that hangs a shingle with a sign in the yard.

First and foremost, Bravo Group Real Estate prides itself on its people. We are not trying to be the largest, high volume brokerage. We are not trying to be the most recognized brokerage. Our goal is to represent our clients at the highest level–to put ourselves in our client’s shoes, understand their perspective, utilize our expansive real estate knowledge, and tap into our extensive vendor and professional relationships. This allows us to make the best decisions we can when selling, buying, or leasing a property for our clients in the Atlanta Metro area. This is accomplished when we hire people with integrity and train them with purpose and hold them accountable to high standards.

Examples of our service expectations include professional photography on our Sale Listings, when appropriate, FOR SALE signs that are professional, clean, and STRAIGHT to the point, and extra-step application processing for screening tenants. It’s the smaller details of our work that can costs our clients money. We want to make or keep as much money in our clients’ pockets as possible, while making sure their best interests are protected. We recently have implemented a Buyer Protection document when working with Buyers to ensure they are alerted to potential risks when buying a home or rental property in Atlanta. Our culture is to get better and better and never accept mediocrity. If you have questions about our brokerage, please email

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