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Bravo Group Real Estate now offers a Short Sales Department

Posted by joe.watkins on April 6, 2013

Bravo Group Real Estate for many years has focused primarily on the property management sector. With many of our staff being heavily invested in real estate, managing our clients and our own investments wisely both were of great interest. We have spent the last five years honing our property management skills into a profitable and very successful center to our real estate brokerage. Our focus on making owner-centered (rather than agent-centered) decisions for our clients has also proved successful and profitable for our hundreds of owners with over 600 properties under management and growing.

Earlier this year, we started a new department: Short Sales. As with anything that the Bravo team decides to take on, it was important to begin this new short sales department with experience, focus, and talent. With the addition of Cindy Carter, our short sales team lead, we have the right agent to continue in our dedication of making client-centered decisions. She has been very successful in short selling at all price point homes. Being great in short sales requires perseverance, knowledge, and just plain old experience with doing a bunch of them. Cindy Carter is all of the above coupled with a strong moral compass. We are proud to call her part of the Bravo Team!

What does Bravo Group Real Estate bring to the short sales process? In short, Bravo Group brings talented agents who will tell you the truth about short sales in Atlanta. There are many things to consider when short selling your house, and it is not for everyone. But for many, short selling their home could be the best relief they have felt in years. There will be more posts to come about short sales. If you would like to talk with Cindy or one of our experienced agents about a short sale, please use this contact us link. We will be happy to discuss your situation.

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