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Bravo Group Tenant Screening

Posted by joe.watkins on May 6, 2015

Poor tenant screening procedures can be very costly. They lead to high tenant turnover, eviction expenses, vacancy rates and maintenance/rehab costs. It will decimate the return on a property.

That makes it all the more shocking that so many property management companies use a third party tenant screening service to make their tenant approvals for them. Surprisingly, many do not perform criminal background checks or verify past rental history. Many decisions are made solely on credit score and income.   At Bravo Group, our screening process is comprehensive and exceeds industry standards.

Our process is designed to establish 3 things:

1. The applicant is being truthful

2. They are likely to pay their rent on time

3. They will care for your home.

We require ALL of the following for ALL of the applicants:

1. Paycheck stubs

2. Identification

3. Current and previous rental history

4. References

5. Credit history

6. Criminal background check

After receiving ALL of this information, we call references, employers and current and previous landlords to verify the provided information.  If we find the applicant has provided any false information, the application is denied.  If we find the tenant is currently being evicted, the application is denied.  If the tenant has poor rental history, the application is denied.  If the tenant cannot afford the home, the application is denied.  This thorough process leads to our extraordinarily high rate of tenant retention and rent collection.  We can help you.  Call us today!


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