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Find a Tenant for Your Rental Property

YesiRent will replace a Tenant for FREE if they vacate in the first 12 months!

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    From advising on repairs needed, to getting good marketing pictures, to placing FOR RENT ads all over the internet, YesiRent gets your rental home exposed to all potential tenants.


    We do Criminal Background, Credit Checks, Sexual Predator lists, Employment Verification, Previous Landlord Checks. Feel safe with our professional level application screening process built from decades of experience and processing thousands of applications.


    You will get the benefit of our proprietary lease to ensure you are protected as a landlord. Georgia law can be tricky, so it’s important you have a lease that works for the Tenant and the rental property owner. We handle getting all signatures to ensure you are ready for move in!


    Collecting the money is very important as we all know. YesiRent will make this process smooth so your Tenant will move in with all monies paid and you don’t have to worry about meeting the Tenant. We will collect money in guaranteed payment forms.


    We will handle your move-in with Tenant and the move-in Inspection. These are important for documenting the condition of the home as it relates to the security deposit. Georgia Law is specific on this process. No problem! We have this handled.

21-Day Leasing Promise®

When your home meets the YesiRent® Standards, you’ll enjoy a signed lease in 21 days or less or get ½ off your Leasing Fee!

*restrictions apply

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We Guarantee our Tenant Placements for 12 months and Rent in less than 21 Days!
Find a Tenant for Rental Property

Tenant Placement Promise®

We replace a tenant for FREE if they vacate within the first 12 months.

*restrictions apply

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