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Maintaining Your Rental Property – What you should be thinking about in the winter for your rental home?

Posted by joe.watkins on November 24, 2013

The temperatures are dropping considerably in Atlanta. This week we got to almost 70 degrees during the day. Tonight will drop to freezing temperatures, currently predicted to be 32 degrees as the low. Atlanta weather can be very unpredictable, but the cold is coming. What are some precautions you should take to protect your vacant property as well as maintain your rented properties?

Preventative Maintenance – Winter time items:

1.  HVAC service and cleaning is important. During the very cold months, it is important your systems have fresh filters and clean coils, because your system will be working very hard to keep the temperature comfortable for your tenant. Your system running efficiently prolongs its life and keeps your tenant’s utility bills lower. Both are worth the money.

2.  Winter is a good time for gutter cleaning. During the fall in Atlanta, excessive leaves and pine needles will make their way on the roof and gutters of your rental property. Damage will occur relatively quickly if a proper and timely cleaning does not occur. Clogged gutters leads to rotten fascia, trim, and roof decking potentially causing even a roof leak. It will also cause excessive erosion around your property, because the rain water will now just run straight over the gutters.

3.  Winterization is potentially important for vacant properties. Winterization may include turning off the water supply to house, bleeding all water pipes in house of excess water, draining the hot water heater, etc. The idea is to prevent a hard freeze from causing excessive water damage if a pipe freezes and cracks. It is also important to leave the heat on in house as an added precaution.

Protecting your rental investment property by doing simple preventative maintenance items is one of the most important things you can do. Remember that tenants may not be thinking about the long term issues you may encounter as a rental property owner; therefore, it is your job to consider all of the potentials issues and risks associated with not properly maintaining your rental home.

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