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How to Market Your Atlanta Rental Property to Fill a Vacancy Quickly

Posted by joe.watkins on April 25, 2018

When you’re marketing your rental property, there are some things to think about that can help you find a good tenant quickly. Avoid a long vacancy with these tips.

Rent Ready Condition

Have the property in rent-ready condition when you market it. People often want to put their homes on the market when they’re not quite ready. Then, you’re stuck with those first 10 showings that have clutter or junk all over the place. Only market the property when it’s ready for people to see.

Pay Attention to Pictures and Video

Take pictures with some thought. You don’t want a nasty picture of the washer and dryer in the basement or a random corner of a wall in the bedroom. This won’t help you. You want people to come to your property based on your ad; you don’t want to filter your property out of their searches.

Use pictures that showcase the home. Take good pictures of the kitchen, the bathroom, and your nice big back yard. Good exterior pictures of the front of the property should show some curb appeal. You can use your phone if you want, but it’s better to use a good camera that lets in more light. This can do a better job of displaying your home. If you’re still using a phone from five years ago, you’re degrading the quality you can achieve with today’s phones and cameras.

Think about doing video. We do video, and it allows someone from out of town to view the property without coming to see it. So, get a walk through video out there. Talk about the features of the room you’re showing and the property as a whole while you’re walking through it. Give people an idea of what they’re looking at.

Consider For Rent Signs

You can put a For Rent sign in the front of the house. There’s a lot of debate on that. With a sign, you’re attracting people who like that neighborhood and are already driving through it. But, you’re also telling criminals your property is vacant, and it could be vandalized. So, place a sign in the front yard at your own risk. We do signs when needed, but our marketing is a little different. We have found that maybe a sign in the window is better than in the yard.

Be clear while describing your home. Don’t over-describe things that aren’t really features in the property. You don’t want to make the home something that it’s not. The goal of marketing is to reach your target tenant. So, have accurate descriptions. If there’s an outbuilding, talk about it, and have a picture.

Place your ad all over the internet. The more traffic we get to a home, the more applications we get, and the more selective you can be finding a tenant.

If you have any questions about marketing your rental property, please contact us at Bravo Group Real Estate & Property Management.

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