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Picking the Right Property Management Company (To Suit Your Needs)

Posted by don.barefield on November 2, 2015

Each real estate investor is unique. One has 3 homes in Jonesboro; another has 1 home in Gwinnett; the third has 78 homes all over south Atlanta.
Each investor has unique needs. One wants to use his own contractor to make repairs. Another has $20,000 in landscaping and wants it professionally maintained. The third needs a full monthly accounting reporting package.
Each property management company is unique. One manages 100 homes on the north side for investors with no more than a couple homes apiece. Another manages 500 homes on the south side and has their own maintenance company. The third manages over 1000 properties all over Atlanta, has a large network of vendors, investors and subcontractors and can provide detailed accounting reports for investors requiring it.
When choosing a property management company, it is important to determine whether the company can serve your needs. by asking questions. The following list of questions should make your list of questions to ask:
1. How many properties do you manage?
2. What types of real estate do you manage: residential,commercial, mixed use, industrial?
3. What property management software do you use?
4. How long have you been in business?
5. How many plumbers, roofers and general contractors do you work with?
6. Do you have an accounting team?
7. Why do you manage properties?
8. How often do you pay your owners?
9. Do you work with investors with a portfolio like mine?
10. Can I have a list of investors you work with, with portfolios like mine, whom I can contact and ask about their experience with you?

With all of the choices in property management companies in Atlanta, it is important you find one that understands your needs and can serve those needs well. Asking the right questions goes a long way in determining that.

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