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BIG Truths of Small Business (The Podcast)

A deep dive into how small business works from the YesiRent Boys!


Ep 48 – The Power of MEDIOCRITY as a Strategy in Your Small Business…What?

Why in the world would a business podcast show discuss how “mediocrity” could be a strategy in your business? This is the type of subject matter your hosts, Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell, love to discuss. It’s the unsung hero ideas that often times keep you in business, or even thrust your business to the next level. Tune in for another fantastic discussion on …

Ep 47 – When You Feel Like It’s Never Enough, You Might Be Chasing Discontentment with David Forgoston

David Forgoston has experienced a lot for a young business owner. After getting his life turned around after some early poor decisions, he went on to plant two Bible Colleges in India and in Switzerland. He now owns Bo Grow Insurance Group, which specializes in Medicare supplements and Advantage plans. David shares his heart around discontentment with the Big Truths. He reveals some truths …

Ep 46 – This Post Truth World? Are You an Apologist for Your Business? with Dan Arsenault

Big Truths of Small Business welcomes Dan Arsenault, an apologist and founder of Church for the Skeptics. Dan discusses the process by which he became a Christian Apologist so we can learn how to apply those principles in our business and life. The Big Truths is about complete mind, body, and spirit health in order to achieve balanced business success. Open your mind to …

Ep 45 – The Ramifications of a Maniacal Bully Toxic Client in Your Small Business

We all have experienced customers or clients that consume time, give us a bad spirit or attitude, make us wish we were not in business. This episode of the Big Truths of Small Business digs deeper into the full effects that a maniacal bully toxic client can have on your business. Learn how to identify, manage, and weed out those customers.

Ep 44 – How to Reprogram the UnWanted Familiar Past – REPROGRAM – Part 2

The Big Truths of Small Business continues on its journey to figure out how to become as focused to make change in your business and yourself as if your are in the middle of a crisis, but you are not. We are seeking how the mind can be reprogrammed to excel to higher levels. Tune in here on how to kick-start that process of …

Ep 43 – In Order to Change Your Business Trajectory, You Must 1st INTERRUPT! – REPROGRAM – Part 1

The Big Truths of Small Business loves to learn how your mind and body contribute to your overall business health. We are going deep here as we start this several part series on how to interrupt your way of thinking without needing a crisis to do so. Joe and Travis are bringing you the phycological gold in this series around how the mind is …

Ep 42 – On a War Footing in Your Business?

Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell boldly compare some of the attitudes and thinkings business owners may have that are shared by warriors in war. On Big Truths of Small Business, we often look outside of our daily battles and paradigms to see how battles are being fought elsewhere. Come take this journey with us.

Ep 41 – Failing Forward in Building a Small Business with Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham, the owner of Restoration Concrete in Atlanta and a worship pastor, shares loads of excellent learnings in his journey to build his small business from scratch in his 50s. He shares his many failures and success on his way to “Failing Forward.”

Ep 40 – Demographics vs. Psychographics in Your Marketing

Demographics vs. Psychographics in Your Marketing Plan has been a fascinating topic for Joe and Travis over the last several months. Until then, they didn’t realize the power that Psychographics played in today’s marketing strategies. In this episode, they discuss the difference between the two, how and why they are important, and how to get started tracking this data to better target and more …

Ep 39 – Breaking into the Music Industry & Writing Songs with Barry Michael

Big Truths loves when we do interviews, and the music industry is one of our favorite topics. Country music singer, Barry Michael, out of McDonough, GA at joins the show to give us the inside scoop on his journey to break into the country music scene. Then he gives us some real juice on how he writes songs, which he has so many …

Ep 38 – You vs. Your Business Plan – Time to Get Real

Often times when we talk about business plans, we really don’t qualify what the purpose of the plan is. For example, getting a loan from a bank may require a financially heavy business plan to make sure you get the loan. As always on the Big Truths, we will discuss the real important aspects of a “Real” business plan that incorporates You and your …

Ep 37 – Slammed and Unplanned – Handling the Unexpected

The Big Truths of Small Business focuses on day-to-day issues and learnings that we all face as entrepreneurs. Have you and your team every been caught with your pants down? You own a restaurant and got slammed on a short staff or weird time of the day? A large customer called you with an order you cannot handle? We talk about how to plan …

Ep 36 – The Whiskey Barrel Side Hustle with Scott Huxley

As lovers of a good whiskey, Travis discovered Scott Huxley, owner of Whiskey Barrel Wholesalers based in Ontario, Canada. He was fascinated by the side business he had created. So the Big Truths of Small Business got him on the show.

Ep 35 – The Psychology of Business Relationships with Terry Day

In our quest for how people think, and how we can use this in our business, we extend how psychology is used in relationships from the previous show. Terry Day, a retired licensed therapist, spent decades honing his discernment and skill in the public and private sector including churches and prisons. He helps Joe and Travis dive deep on the The Big Truths of …

Ep 34 – The Art of Influence and Persuasion with Clay Cutts

We are back with Clay Cutts with Square Peg Counseling and Coaching to discuss the tactical methods behind influencing others to do what you need them to do in your small business. When dealing with our customers in sales, our vendors and our employees, your ability to influence and persuade them will have a large affect on your success in business.

Ep 33 – Reflection 2020 – Big Truths of Small Business Podcast

On this last day of the year in 2020, we reflect on what this year has meant for us in business, the things we learned through starting this Podcast in early 2020, our favorite shows and moments, and what we are pointing towards in 2021 for the show. There are some exciting new things happening on the Big Truths of Small Business!

Ep 32 – I See YOU

The Big Truths of Small Business continues to deliver on our promise to bring you deeply thought out philosophies and tactics to improve the way you think, react, spend, grow, and nurture your business. This “I See You” episode discusses how to your customers, vendors, and employees feel valued and significant.

Ep 31 – Beauty or a Beast?

Travis and Joe bring an enlightening subject matter to the table that we haven’t thought about in this way. How do you view your business? Do you focus on the negatives or the positives? Is your business a Beauty? or a Beast?

Ep 30 – What to do When Uncertainty Strikes In Your Business

Uncertainty– it can wreak havoc in your life and business if not put into perspective. Co-hosts Travis Cassell and Joe Watkins share their research and experience on how to turn uncertainty into opportunities and put into perspective.

Ep 29 – What are the Blind Spots in Your Small Business?

Often times as small business owners we assume we have all of the answers, which contributes to managing our business in tunnel vision. Founders of YesiRent Property Management out of Atlanta, Georgia, Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell share their thoughts on the dangers of Blind Spots and what to do about them.

Ep 28 – Targeting Your Customer – More Critical to Success than We Realize

The YesiRent Boys keep delivering the goods! Week after week, Joe and Travis spend hours breaking down the problems, ideas, and solutions in their business, YesiRent Property Management, and they give you all that experience in an hour show. Targeting your customer is the topic this week, and they have delivered once again. Please rate our show on your podcast platform. Share and like …

Ep 27 – The Basics of the House Flipping Business – by Joe Watkins

Joe Watkins, co-host of Big Truths of Small Business, has personally flipped over 400 properties in his real estate career. In this episode, he outlines the basics, the opportunities, the pitfalls, and much more for the new real estate investor looking to flip a house for profit.

Ep 26 – The Art of Reconciliation in Your Relationships

Travis and Joe talk philosophy quite a bit on the Big Truths of Small Business. We think it’s important to always be self aware, seek wisdom and knowledge, learn from others, and build relationships. In this episode we discuss the importance of reconciling relationships in your life that are broken, severed, mildly needing repair or anything in between. When your funeral is the one …

Ep 25 – Self-imposed Stress by the Business Owner – Why and How to Identify & Resolve

It has been proven by many doctors and scientists that stress is a leading cause of all of kinds of health problems and risks. But how does stress impact you in business; and moreover, who is creating the most stress in your business? The Big Truths of Small Business podcast, hosted by Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell and sponsored by YesiRent Property Management, explores …

Ep 24 – Motorcycle Racer Runs a Passion Play Business – Interview with Tim Morris of ValuCycle

Tim Morris, owner of ValuCycle in Conyers, GA, unveils his story from Emory University, to Physician’s Assistant (P.A.) to Motorcycle Racer to Motorcycle Shop Ownership. Learn how one man positioned himself and his business for lifestyle as Joe and Travis uncover the strategies we all need to strive for in our small business. Check out all of our podcasts at

Ep 23 – Learn How NAYSAYERS can be Identified in Your Business and Life – and a Live Performance of “The Naysayers” Song

The Big Truths goes deep on this episode as we dive into understanding how the Naysayers in your life and business affect you. What are the different types of Naysayers? How do you identify Naysayers? Could there be good Naysayers in your ear? We are also thrilled to unveil a live performance of “Naysayers” written and performed by Joe Watkins, the co-host of the …

Ep 22 – Super Fan Crashes the Show – A Young Entrepreneur Asks Questions

We are mixing it up today when one of our super fans, Alex Jenkins, 21 years old, crashes our podcast studio, and we decided to bring him in on the show for a questions and answer session. Joe and Travis pour wisdom back at the next generation.

Ep 21 – UnSelling – How to Really Serve and Sell Your Clients – Back with Clay Cutts, Square Peg Counseling & Coaching

Back with Clay Cutts with Square Peg Consulting & Coaching, Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell of YesiRent Property Management take a deep dive into a mystery that all businesses can identify with–how do we sell to more clients and raise our conversion ratios. We unpack the idea of UNSELLING in this episode of BIG Truths of Small Business where building trust and serving the …

Ep 20 – How Does Your Company Culture Affect Business? – Interview with Bret Eldridge, Director of National Accounts for Hoshizaki America

At the Big Truths, we are always trying to dig deep to discover the hidden gems of what makes good business good, and bad business bad. We have brought you a diamond today. Bret Eldridge, Director of National Accounts for Hoshizaki America, a leading commercial ice machine manufacturer, shares his thoughts with Joe and Travis about how his 25+ years at Chick-fil-A shaped him, …

Ep 19 – Fake News – How Does it Affect Your Small Business? with Guest Dan the Man

We are in a time when our President throws around the term “Fake News” often. At the Big Truths, we are always trying to discover thoughts, angles, truths, and disruptors in our small business. So what fake news is in your organization and how does it affect you? And as a bonus this week, we get the “Dan Angle” from a regular contributor, Dan …

Ep 18 – Mindset – the Importance it Plays in every aspect of your Business – an Interview with Clay Cutts, Business Coach & Therapist

We have a fantastic interview with Clay Cutts, owner of Square Peg Counseling & Coaching, LLC in Peachtree City, GA, who specializes in business coaching. We take and in-depth look at MINDSET and the role it plays throughout our business, our life, and our people as small business owners. Prepare to be challenged in your way of thinking.

Ep 17 – Becoming a Small Business Owner by Buying the Business You Work For – Interview with Jef Bass, an Emmy Winning Audio Video Producer

The YesiRent Boys, Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell, have an exclusive interview with Emmy winning and Grammy nominated owner of Sound Around Audio Video, Jef Bass. We discuss his story of working hard, which led to the opportunity to purchase his boss’s business; how life’s circumstances can change your outlook on business; and the importance of quality audio and video in your small business …

Ep 16 – The Impact of a Coach, Counselor, or Board of Directors in your BIZ – Interview with Sherri Dodd, Founder of Advance Global Coaching

This is a must-listen show about the power of having a coach or board of directors or outside council in your small business. Sherri Dodd, Founder of Advance Global Coaching (, shares fantastic specifics of the true purpose of a coach, the difference between coaches and counselors, and what to think about when forming a board of directors. She also shares how her Christian …

Ep 15 – The Effects of COVID-19 on your Business – Clearing your Headspace in Chaos

The YesiRent Boys dive into how Covid-19 has affected small business owners and their staff and discuss techniques to clear your head space to get focused on what’s important in the midst of chaos.

Ep 14 – The Power of Empathy in the Art of Negotiations

We often reveal that the soft skills are the most powerful skills needed to help other skills. This show discusses how empathy and compassion are critical in winning negotiations and making all sides feel like they got a win as well. The show hosts, Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell, also the the owners of YesiRent Property Management, navigate their way through leanings in negotiations.

Ep 13 – The Rebound – How to get Excited about Your Business Again!

As small business owners, we recognize that it is very important to be excited about your business in order to keep pressing on and building that lasting business that meets our goals. But, often times we find ourselves in a trench or dull spot of our business lacking the excitement to keep building it. Travis and Joe discuss some techniques and perspectives that may …

Ep 12 – What does it take to Get in the “ZONE” while working?

Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell, with YesiRent Property Management, explore how small business owners can get into the “ZONE” to accomplish things at an incredibly high level. They compare athletes to business people and give you a step-by-step analysis as to how to get yourself in the Zone more often in your small business.

Ep 11 – Act 2, Part 2 – Where we discuss the “Journey” in a Conversation with Randy Dodd, a Missionary, and Best-selling Author.

The YesiRent Boys are back to further their discussion on Act 2 in our business and lives. They believe the “Journey” in Act 2 represents some of the most important learnings you will ever learn. People and relationships continue to be more important as you move through the ACTS of life and business. Journey with them as they include a special guest, Randy Dodd, …

Ep 10 – Part 1 – Reflecting on “Act 2” in your Professional Life. What Does it Mean?

Travis and Joe introduce a new way to look at your Business Career. Think of it as a play with Act 1, 2, and 3. We will open up discussion on what we think Act 2 means, what are the learnings thus far, what influences do we have on others in business, and how do we take most advantage of the Act 2 season …

Ep 9 – The 1st Aftershow – It Ain’t Easy, But It’s Worth It

Super Excited to share our VERY 1st AFTERSHOW! Often times, Big Truths are revealed after we hit the stop button on the recording. Some of our best thoughts are shared when the camera isn’t rolling. Now hear these thoughts–unfiltered, unplanned, disorganized, but often fruitful nugget revealing. ALSO, listen to the just released new SONG by the YesiRent Boys called “It Ain’t Easy, But It’s …

Ep 8 – Why the Tape Measure is VERY important in Your Business

What does the tape measure have to do with your business if you are not a contractor? A lot! The tape measure represents everything you are measuring in your small business. Learn Joe and Travis’s spin on how data is vital to reposition, double-down, or abandon things you are doing, as well as many other uses of the tape measure.

Ep 7 – “Humility” is the Most Powerful Soft Skill or Approach in Small Business

Travis and Joe are constantly searching for how to better grow their small business, YesiRent Property Management, into a profitable, serving, and significant company in Atlanta. We recognize soft skills as valuable and important keys to this goal. We reveal the most powerful soft skill of all in this episode and explore its power in business and relationships.

Ep 6 – How Personal Biases Affect your Business Decisions – Part 2

Travis and Joe are back to discuss a favorite subject in seeking truths of small business – personal biases. We invited an real estate agent that works with YesiRealty, our sister company, to join the show as well. We discuss level 1 and level 2 thinking and the differences of both.

Ep 5 – Learn How Your Personal Biases Affect Your Business, Family, & Future – Part 1

Joe & Travis invite “Dan the Man” (Dan Watkins) to discuss the bitter truths of how everyone’s cognitive biases enter into every decision. This is part 1 of a several part series. Learn about anchor bias, recent bias, relationship bias, and others. We believe this deep dive into how we think and make decisions is foundational to understanding how to improve and make the …

Ep 4 – Surviving and Gleaning Deep Business Truths out of the 2009 Crash – Interview with Mark Brittain

Learn how Mark Brittain, an Atlanta-based real estate and general practice attorney, survived and learned painful business lessons during the 2009 Economic Crash. Out of these lessons of triumph, then the fall, then the rebuild, Mark changed how he saw his business, and how he saw many of the business relationships around him. When money got scarce, he discovered more about himself and his …

Ep 3 – How running a church is similar to a small business? – an Interview with Pastor Jonathan Andersen of Harvest Point UMC

Jonathan Andersen, Pastor of Harvest Point United Methodist Church in Locust Grove, Georgia for 3 years, explores with the YesiRent Boys how running a local church is similar to running a small business. We discuss immediate similarities around the Covid-19 pandemic in our midst currently, as a well as other operational similarities and differences. More than ever, local pastors are keeping a pulse on …

Ep 2 – How Integrity and Faith shaped Stephen Bové’s contracting business – an Interview

Stephen Bové, a sole proprietor in the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing business, had a unique upbringing being raised in the jungle as a son of a missionary family. He continued that life by raising his family in Venezuela in a tribal community for 17 years sharing the Gospel. Being fluent in 5 current languages, and a expert in 2 ancient languages (Hebrew and Greek), …

Ep 1 – How the Internet Changed Power Plus – an Interview with Jerry Barber

Learn how Jerry Barber, owner of Power Plus and, adapted to a changing climate in the late 90s as his business went from the catalogs to the web. Building blocks of his small business are revealed throughout this classic, hard-working story of a small business man from Georgia.

The Rental Property Hangover Podcast

Property management is anything but boring so why not have fun and learn how to maximize your investment!


Ep 24 – How’s Today’s 2021 Political Climate has affected Your Private Property Rights and Your Rental Property

If you are a Landlord and frustrated with your property rights being violated, there are many others that feel the same. The Rental Property Hangover discusses some of the political changes that are affecting your rental property ownership rights. We discuss how this actually negatively affects tenants as well with higher prices and less competition. Please visit our us at Contact us at …

Ep 23 – The Top Reasons You Should Hire a Property Manager to Manage Your Rental Properties

Many Investors, especially first time investors, do not realize why they should hire a property manager for managing their rental properties. Travis Cassell and Joe Watkins give you a quick run down on many of the best reasons. Remember, you bought rental properties to serve you, not for you to serve them. This episode is sponsored by YesiRent Property Management in Atlanta, GA

Ep 22 – Google Doesn’t Have Your Next Real Estate Deal – How to Find a Deal in 2021’s High Market

The Rental Property Hangover Podcast ventures into a real investing topic on this episode. Investors are the heart and blood of the our target audience. Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell of YesiRent Property Management discuss their deep experience in how to source deals when Google delivers no result, because of this 2021 high real estate market.

Ep 21 – Your Biggest Competition as a Landlord Looking For Great Tenants IS?

On The Rental Property Hangover, we are giving you information direct from guys that have been in the rental home business for decades. Over the last 10 years, the rental business has significantly changed due to the huge presence of large private equity firms. They are your major competition as a landlord. Listen to this great episode to see how they have influenced the …

Ep 20 – How to Determine Market Rent or Value?

Determining how to set your rental rate for your investment property could be the most important decision you make as a landlord. Learn from the pros at YesiRent Property Management, Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell, what the primary indicators of rent value are and how get your next rental property rented quickly to great tenants.

Ep 19 – Should You Rent to Tenants with Pets?

One of our most common questions from landlords is “should I rent my home to a pet owner?” You may hear many differing opinions on the topic. Owners of YesiRent Property Management, Joe and Travis, share their very experienced take on this popular question around pets in the rental business.

Ep 18 – Further Invest in Your Rental Investment for an 18% ROI

Joe and Travis discuss how upgrading your rental home could easily produce an 18% ROI or more on the additional monies spent by increasing rent. They reveal the top 8 things to upgrade on the property to maximize the rent and return and attract better tenants.

Ep 17 – Using the “Mirror Method” in Your Real Estate Investing

The YesiRent Boys have coined a new term called the “Mirror Method” of real estate investing. Learn how Joe and Travis of YesiRent Property Management describe how some important attributes about yourself may should be mirrored in your real estate investing strategy of long-term rental property ownership. They always like to bring in the philosophical thoughts to your investing.

Ep 16 – How Does the Eviction Moratorium Affect Your Delinquent Tenant?

You own rental property so you should know how the Biden extension of the CDC eviction moratorium works and how to position yourself as a landlord during this uncertain time from the seasoned pros at YesiRent Property Management.

Ep 15 – The YesiRent Boys forecast 2021 Atlanta Real Estate

Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell, our hosts, and founders of YesiRent Property Management out of McDonough, GA (Atlanta Metro), use there experience and finger on the pulse of the Atlanta real estate market and give you a peek into what 2021 might bring for your investment properties.

Ep 14 – 10 Things You Should Know About Landlord Liability and Exposure

Stay informed with the Rental Property Hangover as we give essential information on this episode about the Insurances needed and the potential liability exposures that rental property owners face as landlords.

Ep 13 – Should I Sell My Rental Property? What are the Consequences?

As property managers at YesiRent Property Management, we get asked all of the time- “Should I sell my rental property now?” The answer to this question is more loaded than just what the market is doing right now. Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell explore some of those additional things to think about when selling your rental property. If you have topics you would like …

Ep 12 – Will the 2020 Presidential Election Affect Your Rental Property?

Joe and Travis usually don’t include politics into this The Rental Property Hangover podcast, but it had to been done this week. As we all know, an election is super close and the consequences of this election could bear down on rental property owners. We get a little crazy on this one, but the message and content is there.

Ep 11 – Top Rental Property HVAC Maintenance and Replacement Advice from a Professional – William Gilmer

William Gilmer, owner of Gilmer’s Home Choice, a Georgia-based HVAC service company specializing in rental property owners and management companies, discusses key things to consider when maintaining and/or replacing your HVAC system. The HVAC system is one of the most important items to consider during the ownership of your rental properties. The Rental Property Hangover is brought to you by YesiRent Property Management.

Ep 10 – How a Rental Property Owner Learned from his FIRST Rental Property Investment – with Jake Adams

Jake Adams, an owner of many rental properties in several states, discusses his experiences during his first rental property purchase and other learnings as a real estate investor. Joe and Travis, with YesiRent Property Management, always like to interview actual real estate investors and glean real-life learnings on The Rental Property Hangover podcast. (Read More Here)

Ep 9 – Building Your Rental Property Investment Team – Who are the Players?

If you are a serious investor, one of the most important things you need to do is build a team of professionals that can help you build your rental portfolio, manage it, insure it, give legal advice, etc. Joe and Travis of YesiRent Property Management are serious investors with 500 flips and dozens of rental properties themselves. They share the primary relationships that are …

Ep 8 – When do you Hire a Property Manager? and Why?

Your hosts Travis Cassell and Joe Watkins, of YesiRent Property Management, give you the bottom line on when to hire a property management company or property manager for your rental property. They scratch the surface as to why as well. You may be surprised at their answers….

Ep 7 – What are the Primary Tax Advantages when Owning Rental Properties?

Founders of YesiRent Property Management in Atlanta discuss how to save on your taxes by owning rental properties. These tax advantages are often undervalued by rookie investors. (Read More Here)

Ep 6 – Should I Buy Rental Properties in a High Market?

We often get the question asking when is the right time to buy rental properties. Should I wait for a low market? Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell give you some unique thoughts to buying properties in any market.

Ep 5 – Leverage – How to Use Debt Appropriately in Real Estate

Joe and Travis with YesiRent Property Management discuss how to use debt or leverage to your advantage in your real estate transactions. They discuss the key benefits and things to look out for when borrowing money for your rental properties.

Ep 4 – The “Purchase” of your Rental Property may be the Most Important Decision you make

The Founders of YesiRent Property Management discuss perhaps the most important decision you will ever make when starting your rental portfolio–the purchase. The when? why? how? where? This cannot be underestimated when evaluating the long-term success of your rental property investments. (Read More Here)

Ep 3 – What Legal Entities or Structure should be considered for Ownership in Your Rental Properties?

The Founders of YesiRent Property Management discuss briefly the advantages of deeding your rental properties to a legal entity for protection and anonymity. We are not attorneys, so please consult your legal counsel before making any decisions. (Read More Here)

Ep 2 – How to Attract the Best Tenants for Your Rental Property

We explore some of the fundamentals any landlord should consider when procuring a new tenant for their rental property. After having placed thousand of tenants with YesiRent Property Management, Joe and Travis give you their inside experience to bring in the best tenants! (Read More Here)

Ep 1 – Tenant Screening Fundamentals for your Rental Properties

This inaugural episode of The Rental Property Hangover discusses the basics and importance of proper tenant screening. This is one of the foundational steps towards long-term success in the rental business. Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell (The YesiRent Boys), founders of YesiRent Property Management give their decades of experience in this very important property management principle – tenant screening.

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