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Regain Your Sanity – Bravo Group Property Management!

Posted by joe.watkins on March 13, 2015

So, you need a property manager in Atlanta.  Sure, you can continue managing your rental homes yourself but the late night maintenance calls, endless rent collection calls, eviction process, move ins, move outs, home showings, forever back and forth with the contractor during rehab, annual inspections, preventative maintenance, calloused hands, hair loss, no sleep (scream!!!!!!! . . . . . . now breathe deeply . . . . . . in . . . . out . . . in . . . . out ) has left you with no other choice (and keep your sanity).  Oh, YOU are the ONE who will break that mold.  Well, maybe you will be the first to do it and remain sane but for the rest of us there is Bravo Group.

Bravo Group is in business so you can get your life back.

Maintenance calls- Bravo Group has a fully staffed maintenance department that receives calls from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.  (From 5:30 pm to 8:30 am, all calls go to our After Hours Call Center so that calls are never missed.) Whenever a call is received, a member of our friendly staff asks a series of questions to help them determine what repairs are necessary so the appropriate contractor can be dispatched.

Rent collection calls- Bravo Group works with your tenant to ensure rental payments are made each month.  Sometimes, it is necessary for us to send a gentle reminder the rent has not been paid.  Rarely, we have to evict a tenant who refuses to pay but when we do we are able to expedite the process using our attorneys, servicers and knowledge of all Atlanta municipalities’ requirements (no Googling “how to evict in Henry county” for you!)

Rent ready rehabs- We begin by determining what repairs are NECESSARY to make your home marketable.  Then, we send a licensed and insured contractor to estimate the cost of repairs.  We review the estimate, negotiate great pricing and send it to you for review.  After you give the go ahead, we work with the contractor to ensure the rehab is done and done right.

These are just a few of the many, many, many things we do for our owners.  To find out what else we do and to get on the road to regaining your sanity, visit and click “Property Management”.  Welcome back to the land of the living!


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