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Why Work with Bravo Group Real Estate for Professional Property Management?

Posted by joe.watkins on February 23, 2017

We’re talking about why you should do business with Bravo Group Real Estate when you need Atlanta property management services. The first thing I can tell you is we’re a company that is owner-centered. My motto is “We manage like we own it.” That comes from my background as an investor. I started in property management by managing my own properties. Once I developed a large portfolio, I needed to create a company. I hired some good people and started focusing on buying houses and flipping them, and selling them to investors. It became very clear that there were some issues for them, and I needed to help those investors I was working with.

Local Atlanta Property Manager

For the first six months to a year, we had a team that was dedicated to helping me with my properties and then helping our investors. So, our culture was really based on managing portfolios as if we owned them. It’s important to us, and we look through the filter of a homeowner and not a real estate company that’s preoccupied with fees and making money. We want to be 100 percent committed to the total property.

Creating Efficient Systems

We have some of the best systems in place that we’ve learned over the years. These things make our process extraordinarily successful. One of our hedge funds that we work with once told us that out of the 17 management companies they employ across the country, we are the best. What they really like is the way we cut our time on the market in half. We have some tried and true systems that work well. When we screen applicants, we use techniques that loan processors use. We have adopted many of those, and that leads to why we have such high rent collection ratios. We’re placing the best tenants. We really focus on that front-end piece to benefit you in the long run.

Committed and Experienced Team

Because of the longevity of our team, you’ll have experienced and talented people who care about this company and your property. This isn’t just a business, it’s a passion for me and my group. I believe in rental properties and I still own many of them. We want you to feel our passion and understand how deeply we care about your business.

These are some of the things that make Bravo Group a great choice for you. We’d love to tell you more about property management in Atlanta so please contact us at Bravo Group Real Estate.

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